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Architecture designed with the principles of Vastu Shastra is the cornerstone of Arch Empyrean (Architecture for Heaven), providing a solid foundation for our firm’s commitment to creating spaces that inspire, energize, and rejuvenate.

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Our Design Philosphy

The world around us is a reflection of PURUSH & PRAKRITY. Purush here is referred to as a fixed element that is the structure of the building and Prakrity is the variable element, that is the interior of the building. The harmonious combination of these two elements makes a perfect building. Our expertise in planning the house or commercial space touches every aspect of Viswakarma Prakash (Origin of Vastu Shastra). This ancient wisdom from our Shastras allows us to manifest the dreams of our clients into reality by opening the right entries and blocking the negative ones.

These possibilities can only be created when we build from scratch. No interior modification or remedies can fetch those results which can be achieved by planning the structure right and then playing with the Prakriti (interiors, colors, 3D objects, furniture) as per the color codes and elements codes of Vastu.

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Benefit from our seasoned team's unmatched industry knowledge and attention to detail.

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From residential to commercial projects, we offer tailored solutions for every space.

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Architectural Design Portfolio

Architectural Design Process

1. Design and Conceptualization

Architects craft functional, aesthetic, and regulatory compliant spaces by understanding client needs, conducting site analysis, and creating design concepts and renderings.

2. Space Planning and Programming

Architects optimize space layout, considering spatial efficiency, circulation, accessibility, and zoning, to create user-friendly environments.

3. Regulatory Compliance

Architects navigate regulatory requirements to ensure designs comply with building codes, zoning laws, and environmental regulations.

4. Execution Phase

Effective communication and coordination among stakeholders are key in achieving precise and high-quality execution of architectural projects.

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