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Vastu consultation services provide valuable expertise in aligning architectural designs and interior layouts with the principles of Vastu Shastra. By incorporating Vastu principles into the built environment, individuals and organizations can create spaces that promote harmony, prosperity, and overall well-being

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Why Vastu?

Vastu consultation services provide guidance and expertise in aligning architectural designs and interior layouts with Vastu Shastra principles, an ancient Indian architectural philosophy. Vastu Shastra emphasizes the harmonious relationship between humans and their built environment, aiming to optimize energy flow and promote well-being. Vastu Shastra is considered important in designing any space because it identifies certain architectural flaws or imbalances known as doshas that can have adverse effects on occupants. By adhering to Vastu guidelines and implementing remedial measures, architects aim to mitigate these negative influences and create spaces that promote positivity, harmony, and prosperity.


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The Arch Empyrean Approach

1. Site Analysis

Our Vastu consultants analyze plot shape, landscape, and orientation, including natural elements like sunlight, wind direction, and water bodies to determine Vastu compatibility.

2. Design Recommendations

We offer customized architectural recommendations for optimal energy flow and harmony. Our guidance extends to interior arrangements, furniture placement, and color schemes.

3. Remedial Measures

Our consultants provide effective remedial measures for structures that don’t follow Vastu principles. These include layout adjustments, Vastu remedies installation, or specific material and color recommendations.

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